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FILE SIZE: Maximum allowed file size for upload is 20MB (megabytes). If you file exceeds the allowed limit, please mail us your image on a CD or contact us by phone.
Accepted file formats for images: .pdf, *..png, *..bmp, *..psd, *..tiff, *..tif, *..eps, *..ai, *..jpeg, *..jpe, *..jpg
RESOLUTION: All file formats must be 350 dpi (dots per inch) or greater, otherwise there will be a substantial drop in image and print quality .
COLOR MODE: For color printing, artwork or images must be provided in CMYK format (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). For black & white printing, artwork or images must be provided in grayscale mode.
BLEED: For best results please add 0.1" dimension for business cards and postcards. For all other products please add 0.125".

To avoid potential delays, please submit the file according to the above requirements. If the file provided does not meet specified requirements or is not appropriate for printing, we will contact you.

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