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Direct Mail EDDM

Direct Mail Marketing ? It Works!

We Do it All! We Design It! We Print It! We Mail it!

Mailing List, Custom Design Work, Item Input, Printing, Folding and even Postage are ALL included

We know direct mail works as our customers always return again and again!

Our Three-Step Process

We Target Your Customers

1) We Target Your Customers

You get a map of the customers in your area broken down into zip codes as well as smaller targeted postal routes. You even get the number of homes and business in your area with income statistics.
We Design and Print Your Menu Mailers

2) We Design and Print Your Menu Mailers

All you need to do is send us your menu items and prices, and we do the rest.
We Send Out Your Menus

3) We Send Out Your Menus

That?s right, Menu For Less, Inc. handles every step of the process from creating the menus to printing them to even sending them out!

When Menu For Less handles the creation and mailing of your menus, this will stimulate new business. And that will let your restaurant focus on other important things? Such as making great food!

Don?t wait, Call 1-800-514-5005


Available options for Direct Mail EDDM

Mail Product: Menu, Postcards
Fold: No Fold, Tri-Fold
How Many to Mail: 2000 (32 cents per copy), 3000 (29 cents per copy), 4000 (27 cents per copy), 5000 (26 cents per copy), 10000 (25 cents per copy), 20000 (24 cents per copy)

Sales Specialist

Sales Specialist
on-line status: available
phone: NoSkype1-800-514-5005

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